Feedback From Students

A heartfelt note of Gratitude

Respected Sir

With extreme delight, I’m sharing my thoughts about my journey in the TSS 2.

It started when we entered the school in class 6…
The competitively charged atmosphere never failed to entice me.
The very helpful teachers, together with Principal Sir put in their best efforts to enhance the overall development of the students on a social front too. Morning assemblies conducted by Principal Sir have proved to be a boon in the journey of my life so far.
He used to acquaint us with various events taking place in India and globally, extremely interesting facts and thought provoking quotes and sayings; through the morning assemblies. Through the progressive years, I appreciated and imbibed in myself some of his good qualities, out of the many, he has in his store. I learnt how to accept each situation and take every offering of life in my stride.
His deeds used to reflect that Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing. Thanking Almighty for each blessing and showing firm faith in God in the face of adversity is a virtue I learnt from Sir. Apart from that, various activities conducted for skill development, like Club Meets proved to be highly useful in tackling various challenges of life, besides being highly enjoyable.
And then in class 11 and 12, nobody could’ve been more helpful and cooperative than Sir. He used to motivate us during our class 12 Board Exams at our Examination Centre. Without his kind cooperation and altruism, I would not have scored 639 in NEET 2019 examination.
Cutting to the chase, I would say that Billu Sir is the Best Principal, Teacher and Guide, I’ve ever met. Thank you so much Sir for shaping our futures with an insightful approach.
Ikshita Sabharwal
M.B.B.S. 2019 (present)
Government Medical College

So there have been a lot of memories that The Senior Study has given us. The kind of love we received from our Dear Principal Billu Sir could not be given by any other Principal.

Then the amazing teachers that we had who not only taught us lessons about studies but the lessons that could help us in becoming good human beings. They always encouraged and motivated us to bring the best out of us.

The kind of knowledge and lessons we learnt could not had been learnt from elsewhere that were given by Billu Sir and our teachers.

We had spent the best memories of our life in TSS from eating the canteen food to waiting for the celebrations to happen to enjoy with our friends.

The Senior Study made us confident and responsible individuals so that we can shine like a star in the future. Time passed away very soon that one day we left the school with a bag full of joyful and lifelong memories.

The Senior Study is a place with lots of knowledge, joys and happiness given by our lovable BILLU SIR and our teachers.
TSS is a place that will always remain in our heart forever ❤❤
No matter wherever we go in the future TSS will always always remain our first love ❤❤

On my first day of college when I introduced myself in the class, my professor asked, “Great communication skills, where has your schooling been from ?” with the love I carry for my school I said, “I am an alumni of The Senior Study.”

It has been almost 7 years since I left school, however, navy blue is still one of my favourite colors.

I still cannot pass a day without using “Please and Thank you” in my sentences when addressing anyone.

I still am very very particular at always using correct grammar.

And, appreciation for art has increased even more.

Hindsight gives me the fragrance of the school. I can recall the exact natural temperature, the frequency of the school bell’s sound, the voices and smiles of all my teachers, the smoothness of the white polished pillars, the texture of the grey stairs on which we sat and passed our entire adolescence, the aspect ratio of the black boards, the beautiful black grills and the tinted patterned glasses.

I have had a colossal, warm family. The family that celebrated each festival together.

The family that appreciated courtesy so much.

The family that admired art so much.

The family that let each member communicate fully.

I were allowed to say things I thought I were supposed to say.

I were allowed to exercise my potential, will and skills.

I were effortlessly made to appreciate small details in everything from language, to images from situations to logics.

I were a dreamer.

So many times when I see someone delivering a speech my memory takes me back to the morning school assembly and to the genuineness, simplicity and gravity of the root of our school, our principal sir, Mr. Vijay Mehra. It was always a bliss to realize that our principal knows our name and what we are good at right when we were in school. I want to ask you, dear reader, “Have you ever come across an academician who remembers the name of each and every child in his or her institute ?? Have you ever seen a human being who is at the top of the institutional hierarchy and yet so humble and simple that he leaves his office and roams around the school interacting with students ??”

All the skills, habits and values including the crisp language teaching, appreciation for intricacy and a sense of empathy and care towards the society that the school imbibed in me has enabled me to be the first-position holder in my Bachelors in Entertainment Technology; design visual graphics for Indian publishing houses and start ups; made me a published writer for poetry, dialogue, prose and research with 6 publishing houses from India; conduct workshops based on both creative writing and design aesthetics and volunteer for campaigns with NGOs and work upon spreading the word of ‘period positivity’ and ‘menstrual hygiene’.

I owe so much of my entire being to the institution.

However much time has passed, the school still lives in me, in so many ways. I can write an entire book dedicated to my school.


Samridhi Aneja

(Batch 2012-13)

As a student who decided to switch schools after 10th, I was naturally scared. The thought of seeing new faces, being taught by new teachers and starting all over again seemed daunting. With this thought I started my first day at Senior Study as a fresher and on the very first day, something about the atmosphere felt comforting. In my schooling years I had always seen an environment where the teacher’s word was the law, but here the way teachers dealt with the students was completely different. Our opinions were heard and whenever we went wrong, we weren’t reprimanded and shunned but given a chance to become better. And the person who made all that possible is none other than Mr. Vijay Mehra. I believe a man is judged not by how he behaves with his equals or superiors but how he treats his juniors. Whenever I saw Vijay sir in the campus he always had a smile and an aura which comforted you and a belief that you could always count on him. The warmth with which he treated the staff of the school eventually transcended to the students. After all it’s the leader who sets the environment of the workplace, (ironic, though because Vijay sir was more of a friend than a leader).
I consider TSS 2 as one of the best platforms where a you can express yourself, where you can be shown your true worth, what you are capable of. And in this really short span of 2 years and as a new comer, I was not only accepted but honoured with the title of Outstanding Student. It was hard to believe that this school gave me so much love and I would love to reciprocate the same in the future whenever given an opportunity. In the end I would like to thank my teachers for giving me the strength to be confident and all the love which helped me become a better version of myself.
I am currently studying in PEC, Chandigarh. And I am not exaggerating when I say that these 2 years in TSS 2, motivated me to not just give my time to studies but to the extracurricular activities and I am proud to say that I am an NCC Cadet and still learning new things.
With fond memories and regards!!
Harman Kaur Saini
Non Medical
Batch 2018

And then one fine day we removed our uniforms and never wore it back..

Those days were golden not because they had a shine,

but spent with the most precious and irreplaceable souls who will forever be mine..

And Yes!!!!

My school!! My teachers!!

The final chapter of a good book!! went soo fast…

I learnt to be a fine human

But not just that

I learnt to Stand Tall

wherever I go and wherever I am…

I really miss those unforgettable moments spent laughing and giggling with the best buddies during the best times!!

The charm of participating in almost every event and winning so many laurels while putting in the much needed effort can never be underestimated…

Anddd “THE” most Incredible Personality.. ..

..Our Billu Sir❣… whose humbleness and generosity will always be cherished by the generations to come..

He is the one person who is always adored by every other person who knows him…

Thanking ,in words, the school staff and the amazing teachers is nearly impossible..

And those phrases..

“Present neatly” , “double check your work”, “highlight the key words” and other time management tricks learned from them aids me in every common task I accomplish..

Being chosen as the

Head Girl helped me a great deal to inculcate values and be an ambassador for all…

“The Senior Study” has given me innumerable tales and memories which would always remain indelible in my heart and soul..

Last but not the least

My school,My pride has made me understand..

The roots of education are bitter,

but the fruit is always sweet….

Forever in gratitude

Nandini Seth

Head Girl

(Batch 2018-19)

THE SENIOR STUDY… Just by remembering this place, everytime a smile appears on my face. This place and the amazing people associated with it has given me endless memories that I’m gonna cherish throughout my life!

Our Principal, Mr.Vijay Mehra, our very dear Billu Sir has created such a healthy and safe place for students to blossom with confidence, curiosity, hope, wisdom and excellence in the subject called Life!

I feel fortunate to be taught by the most considerate and proficient teachers who put immense effort in the overall development of students.

I have some unforgettable memories with this Institution… be it the Morning Assembly, Poetry and Declamation Competitions, Presentations,School Recess, Zestful preparation for Annual Fete, dancing at the Farewell or simply the endless joy of getting Green Stars from Billu Sir 💚💚💚

I really hope that God gives more power to Billu Sir so that each and every student blossoms and learns things the way I did with the perfect balance of academic and extra curricular activities. And live the most memorable and beautiful phase of life here.

I believe that I have a long way to go…

From being unsure and hesitant to take part in school dance and literary events in grade 6 grade to being Jhansi ki Rani and Basanti… My journey has been exuberant and filled with innumerably fulfilling experiences!

We don’t know what the future holds for us… But I can say one thing for sure that TSS will always remain in my heart forever!

Que Sera sera… Till then with love❤️

Kanupriya Modgil

Batch of 2017

Respected Sir,
I would like to share my experience in TSS2 with everyone by means of the following piece. I am not a very good writer but I have tried to pen down my emotions and appreciation for the school.

A Note Of Thanks

I have been a part of the TSS family right from my pre-school days and it has been an amazing journey for me. The environment here is so energetic and effervescent that it naturally ignites the spark to learn. I still remember a trembling and shy me when I first entered TSS2 but the kind of love, support, knowledge, and guidance that I was inundated with turned me into a rational and confident human being. I remember a lot of things about our school with great fondness, like the sporting activities with my friends, playing the house matches, participating in the thrilling olympiads & quizzes, and the competitive environment, but I certainly cherish our project preparations the most. This is such a unique event indigenous to TSS2. All of us would be given an educative topic to study and present in a creative way be it on a poster, a report or in the form of a working model. I feel this is the best way to develop critical thinking and right-brain skills in young students.
My school has given me so much, the various charitable initiatives undertaken, the morning vows and the moral lessons inculcated the habit of sharing in me and made me a compassionate person.

“Leaders become great not because of their power but their ability to empower others”
I have seen the meaning of this quote in our principle Mr. Vijay Mehra, the man responsible for making TSS2 a true Vidya-Mandir. Sir, I can’t thank you enough for the guiding light you have been. It is only because of your support and motivation that I ended up in one of the best engineering colleges in India. You have truly been a fatherly figure for me and an inspiration for us all. I am so grateful to God that I came across a divine personality such as yours.
May TSS2 continue to flourish and prosper under your light.

Thanks and Regards.
Krishnam Kapoor
3rd Year Undergraduate
Department of Electronics and Electrical Communication
IIT Kharagpur

I wish words could do justice to my love and respect for this institution. Billu Sir is a Principal that every child needs for being a conscientious citizen of tomorrow. I remember an Inter School Debate Competition I was preparing for in class 11 and there was a line ‘Transform we must if we wish to sustain…’ it has made a lot of difference to my perspective towards life and people. I did not come out of this Institution with only a bag full of achievements which I still cherish, but also my love for art, culture and poetry. I wrote this poem for the Farewell in class 12, it takes me down the memory lane.

Dear Senior Study
Thank you sincerely for these marvelous 16 years,
For holding my hands, for holding back my fears.
Making me laugh and drying my tears,
Thank you sincerely for these beautiful years,
Thanks for the rules and regulations at times I denied.
For all the support and for always being my guide,
For helping me dream so big and wide.
Thank you sincerely for these stupendous years,
For holding my hands, holding back my fears.
Thank you sincerely for such amazing and loving principal you gave,
They taught me to be chivalric and always brave.
I thank them for the support and guidance they always gave.
Thank you sincerely for these beautiful years,
For holding my hands, holding back my fears.
Thank you for giving so caring, concerned and cooperative teachers,
Throughout the years they have been our beloved preachers.
Thank you sincerely for giving these wonderful friends,
Who are no less than rubies, emeralds and precious gems?
Thank you sincerely for these marvelous 16 years
For holding my hands, holding back my fears.
Thank you Senior Study for being my bestest peer,
Keep on imparting knowledge and spreading smiles dear.
Thank you sincerely for these beautiful years,
For holding my hands, holding back my fears.
Thank you for providing me wings that are helping me fly high and high in this competitive sky.

Sarthak Vasal
(Head Boy: 2016-17)

I can’t forget the day I left the school after my boards.It’s been such a long time but the amazing school journey…I wish it could have been longer .
I can’t thank enough our loving Billu sir who is a great Mentor as well The Foundation of TSS . And of course the Teachers, the Pillars, who stand strong .

I built up my confidence , competitive skills as well as gained lot of knowledge mainly by taking parts in different activities such as poetry competitions , inter-school competitions , many sports events , presentations and seminars. Speaking up on stage during Assembly is where I made my never forgetting memories .

Billu Sir, is undoubtedly the best Supporter as well as one of the most comfortably approachable Principal. He is somebody who has balanced the responsibility of school on his shoulders with such perfection. Sir, I miss your interacting with us, in the hallways and corridors making your positive presence felt among us and sharing all your wisdom and experiences with us.
Also, how can we forget the ‘GREEN STARS ‘ on our test papers that we used to get as a mark of brilliance which always motivated me to fare better.

The Teachers didn’t set any limits on the ambitions they had for the young students in their care.They have always been tenacious in their dedication to provide high quality teaching and I shall forever remain indebted to them.

Today , I have cleared my professional degree of Interior Designing with good grades and standing on first position in Degree in College and becoming an Interior Designer.
The Senior Study has helped me to accomplish my goal , taught me to grab every opportunity and reach at this point of my life by nurturing me with a strong quality base and becoming a confident person with leadership qualities , goal oriented , disciplined ,teamwork skills , communications skills and an independent person.

It is said that a person always remembers his first day at school and the last day at school. The first day a child remembers because he came there weeping. And the last day a student remembers because he leaves the school weeping again. In my case, I remember clearly my first day at school and my last day at the school. The joys of school life are surely countless. Indeed, the school days are the best of our lives.

I have not parted with school in anyway and still cherish all memories packed up in my heart . Wherever I will go further in my life , Sir ,you will always be there in my memories and I shall remember your guidance.

With lots of love
Trisha Aggarwal
Batch 2014-15

“What makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school, but a different way of looking at the world and learning”
-Chuck Grassley

I am so fortunate and lucky to be a part of a school that is always full of joy, curiosity, hope, and knowledge. I hold high respect for the school for nurturing me in a safe environment. My time spent in TSS has been memorable, filled with so much love and laughter along with immense learning. Whatever I am today I owe the credit to the school, our worthy Principal Mr, Vijay Mehra, the highly knowledgeable teachers and my schoolmates.

I highly respect Biloo sir as a true guide and mentor who paved my way to success. His guidance moulded me not just into a confident person but also a good human being. Sir, I thank you from the core of my heart. Biloo sir is such a vivid and lively personality that it would take every colour from the crayon box to draw him. These are just a short sample of the many qualities that he possesses.

I am deeply indebted to my teachers. While some were making me fall in love with poetry, making me believe in stories, teaching me things way beyond what books could ever have, there were others who helped me understand that the world is way too vast to be contained within books.
The school’s learning and competitive environment has helped me a lot in my educational journey, as I scored 95.8% marks in my 12th board exams.

I am currently in my final year at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad, one of the best engineering schools in our country. I have been actively associated with the technical and cultural clubs in the institute. I have also interned at Citi Corp, Pune as a Summer Data Analyst.

I have a long way to go and this is just the beginning.
Thank you, The Senior Study. This is just a token of gratitude for opening the doorways in my life and helping me be “me” today.

My time at TSS was indeed the happiest phase,
Filled with fun and frolic were my days.
Eagerly waiting for the recess,
Running here and there, making class a mess.
From sharing lunch with friends,
To all day blabbering nonsense.
These days ended soon, came farewell,
Didn’t know it was the last time I’d hear the school bell.
Now I realise,
Mornings then,
Were so much better than mornings now,
For my school, I take a bow.

Anmol Singh Sethi
Batch 2015-16

“The iconic grey building of TSS has filled not just my mind but also my life with innumerable colours that I couldn’t have fathomed. And this is my journey from a shy, quiet child to the person I am today.

I owe my confidence to the culture of getting kids to speak on stage. Initially you stammer, fumble and go weak in the knees. But the day you get it right, feels like the best day of your life.

And I’m lucky to have been taught by some of the most creative and talented set of teachers. The fact that I still remember class lessons from years ago says a lot about the efforts that have been put in by the teachers to create such an indelible impact.

Billu sir, with his vision and guidance, has created this safe space where kids not only have the freedom of expression but are also pushed to read and build opinions of their own, where they are encouraged if they are right and gently corrected, without any judgement, if they are wrong.

In a world that says Life is a Race

TSS taught us to learn at our own pace

For there is a belief that it is essential

For every child to realise his own potential

Love, care and nurturing that was showered,

Now I lack

Wish I could become a child again

And to TSS I could go back

The Senior Study made me capable of achieving something that I couldn’t have imagined. I got the highest marks in the district in Commerce stream in 12th and the 2nd highest overall. I am now pursuing B. Com (Honours) from one of the most prestigious institutes of the country, Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University.

I study with some of the best minds in the country, who have studied in some of the best schools of the country, and when I tell them the stories of the kind of upbringing that I’ve had at my school, even they get envious, which makes me proudly claim that TSS is one of the best schools.

I am in my final year of graduation right now and it doesn’t end here for me. I have a long way to go. But TSS has nurtured me into this strong and confident young woman who is ready to take up any challenges that life throws her way because my school has taught me to grab every opportunity and create some for yourself if you don’t have any………..”


BATCH 2016-17

I have been a part of the school for such a long time that I can’t remember it myself. I have learnt too much from this school to comprehend. There is no debate that Biloo sir is the root or the foundation of this school. I consider the teachers to be flowers who bear the fruits.

“As a student, when I learnt to work hard for achievements; getting accolades and awards from Billoo sir; I found the meaning of the word ‘competitiveness’ to be used healthily.

As a trier, when I learnt to stay motivated for whatever my endeavour was, face hardships, get scolded, and yet, try to be on the top of the mountain; I found the meaning of the word ‘perseverance’ which had to be treasured lifelong.

As an achiever, when I tried to work constantly to never get out of the loop; I found the meaning of the word ‘consistency’.

In all my school life I tried to be loved by all but ended up learning to be hated by none because our school is the exemplary definition of love. Thus, I found the meaning of the word ‘life’.”

I share a very special bond with Biloo sir. I regard him as one of the greatest people in my life. He has been more of a life teacher to me than an academic one. Biloo sir has been a great mentor for me, and I still consider him one. I have had a very close relationship with him personally. During this time he has shared his valuable wisdom and experience with me. I can still remember a few of the life-changing things he told me;

There is no completion without a cause.

There is nothing expendable to give respect.

Personality is the medium to your wisdom.

You can never be too busy.

There is nothing such as good enough.

The critic is not the criticiser.

These teachings have changed my life. By sharing these I hope they do

the same for someone else.

I have always tried to find the hidden meanings behind what is

apparent to the eyes. Hidden meaning for school life is Discipline.

Discipline is foremost. Soft skills are more important than

achievements. No achievement can stick around your life as the soft skills do. Never forget teachers-teachers of life, in your success. They have selflessly worked for you, the least you can do for them is to remember them in your well being.

In school, I started my journey as no different from the rest. I took part in different extra-curricular activities like Extempore, Poetry, Presentations, Seminars, Sports, different Intra-School Competitions and Organisational activities and Administration responsibilities.

And finally, in my final year, Principal Sir gave me the ultimate

responsibility of becoming the head boy. Billoo sir was always with me through this journey and he always inspired me to become ‘most and more’ in every field. He gave me the important lesson that to be perfect is not to be always right, rather it means to put 100 per cent effort. I am proud to have been a part of this school. I consider myself fortunate enough to be taught by my teachers. I wish The Senior Study goes

on forever with the beautiful endeavour and rise like never before.


I never used the last words while parting; But, Billoo Sir always uses the same words for me, even when I was studying there and still when I go to meet him-‘You are a son to me, I adore you equally as Shravan.’ These words were my first treasure.