About The Director

The Director of The Senior Study-II, is an intelligent, articulate and well-informed person who inspires his student to excel in their work and to achieve their goals with determination, consistency and hard work. Having been brilliant student himself, it is not surprising that he decided to make teaching institutions of the town. He is a gifted poet, writer and artist, a good actor and dramatist, a dynamic and progressive leader and a noble philanthropist. Under his leadership the school has grown rapidly to become one of the leading institutes of the town.

He is deeply loved and respected by his colleagues and his students who feel motivated  to work tirelessly with him to help the cause of the poor and the needy, for the preservation of traditional Indian arts and culture and to adopt a positive attitude and turn their weakness into strengths.

For his contributions to the field of education and social causes, he has been honored with awards from The Lions Club, The Rotary Club, Chinmaya Mission and other social organizations.